Starting wage $15-$20 per hour.

Envirotech CO2 Blasting The Next Generation of Industrial Cleaning is looking to fill 6 full time positions for the 2013 summer shutdown season. Contracts will run from April to the end of July with work based out of Regina, though travel may be required throught the province. Up to 25% wage bonus for safety award and contract completion.

Our Process
Dry Ice Blasting is similar to conventional sand or shot blasting but uses solid dry ice pellets in place of abrasive materials. With the ability to safely clean a multitude of industrial surfaces, CO2 blasting removes virtually any unwanted contaminant without harm to equipment. And unlike other forms of blast cleaning, CO2 blasting will not add any unwanted or contaminated blast media to the worksite or environment.

What We Do
We blast rice sized granules of solid CO2 at a surface using compressed air. When the dry ice pellets hit the layer of contaminant a temperature differential between the substrate and the contaminant breaks down the contaminant and allows the dry ice to penetrate and rapidly expand into its gas state. This literally blasts contaminants away and leaves behind a clean surface without chemical action or abrasives. The underlying equipment surface is left clean, completely dry and undamaged as the waste falls away.

Independent contractors and marketing professionals welcome to apply.

Phone: 1-306-381-7244

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